Genevieve of Alea

She would rather read than sew, ride a horse than look in a mirror, and quote old poetry than new gossip. Jenny is a princess who loves the idea of adventure—and adventure, it seems, just might be the present she gets for her seventeenth birthday.

Forty ells of black scales
Cut men off from telling tales.
Wings of iron, claws of steel,
Make wounds none can heal.
Eyes of fire full of ire,
A snake’s tongue with poison hung,
A heart of hate that governs fate,
Spines of horn, laugh of scorn,
Fire breath and iron teeth,
The dragon will be brought by Death.

Jenny has always longed for adventure… but can she handle as much adventure as the mysterious message will bring her?

Genevieve of Alea is my first novel, and I’m very excited to share it with you!  For two and a half years and two drafts, I tried to make it the best book it could be.  This process was sometimes frustrating, sometimes delightful; but I grew a great deal in my writing ability through it all.

So read the first chapter, laugh at its first draft, check out an interview with the author, and please consider getting the book for a young princess in your life.  I’d be honored!  And—I’d love to hear what you think about Genevieve of Alea, and thanks for your time & attention!