The White Wolf, Chapter One

This is Chapter One of my fairytale novella The White Wolf.

“Goodbye, Father!” Elaine cried. “Don’t forget my pearl necklace!”

“Or my silk dress!” Corinne called.

As her elder sisters waved lace-edged handkerchiefs from the door, Brianna ran down the palace steps.

“Oh, Father,” she said, “can’t I ride with you just to the gate?”

“Of course,” the King said, holding out a hand to help her into the carriage.

As the carriage rumbled across the stone pavement, Brianna leaned her head on the King’s shoulder. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you, Father.”

“And I don’t know what I’ll do without you, little Brianna. I wish you could have come with me.”

“I wish so too,” Brianna said. “But I guess Mother knows what’s right.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” the King said. “But I’ll miss you all the same. Are you sure there’s nothing you’d like me to bring back for you? You don’t want a dress, or jewelry, or—or anything?”

Brianna shook her head. “No, Father—but wait! I do know what I want. It’s a wreath of wildflowers, because to bring that, you’ll have to remember not to stay away too long.”

“I will bring it, then, my dear,” the King said. “I promise.”

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The White Wolf Is Published

I am delighted to announce that I have just self-published my second book, The White Wolf. This novella is a retelling of a fairytale with the same name; it’s been a lot of fun over the last several months to dig into the fairytale, trying to figure out characters’ motivations, twisting and tweaking to make a unified, sensible story.

As I did with Genevieve of Alea, I’ve self-published The White Wolf through Amazon. On there, you can buy it for Kindle or in print. But if you want the book autographed—I’m getting some author copies of it, and you can order them on Etsy. As soon as they arrive, I’ll inscribe, sign, and ship them!

Here’s the blurb:

Her sisters want pearls and fine clothing, yet all Princess Brianna asks the King to bring her is a wreath of wildflowers. That way, he’ll remember not to stay away too long on his travels. But it’s late October before her father returns, and the only wildflowers he can find are those on the head of a human-voiced white wolf. One bargain later, the King has accidentally sold his youngest daughter to the wolf—and for Brianna, the adventure begins.

You can read the first chapter here. And as for the rest…

I think you or your daughter, granddaughter, or friend might enjoy The White Wolf, and I hope you’ll check it out. If you do get it, I’d appreciate a review or a word on social media—it really helps. Thanks for your attention!